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Walkability is a Way of Life...

An art museum, restaurants, independent stores, farmers market, events, parades, pools, library, and plenty of green spaces all within footsteps of your front door.

You can own or rent a house with a yard, complete with a driveway without having to sacrifice the morning walk to the coffee shop. Fix up your house using Elm Street’s shared community tools and help pay for it with a rehabilitation grant.

All this in one square mile.

Enjoy the life you want to live

West Reading is more than an eclectic mix of businesses and homes; it’s a community with more than two centuries of history. You can see the breadth of the area’s diversity reflected in its architecture. Mature tree-lined streets embrace single- and multi-family homes of all types, from city-style row homes to elegant Victorian singles to high-end condominiums. Both residents and entrepreneurs alike have respect for the area’s past and a bold vision for its future. Visionary leaders and innovative support programs, such as the Elm Street and Main Street programs, help West Reading home owners and businesses thrive and achieve their goals as they shape the places where they live, work, and play.

If you’ve grown accustomed to the walkability of a city like New York but are weary of the high cost of living that usually comes with it, West Reading offers the best of both worlds. The charm of a small community full of character and great people peacefully coexists with a bevy of modern amenities at home in the largest of cities. Just a few blocks’ walk in one direction brings you to the steps of a world-class hospital, while a stroll in another direction might lead you to a local produce market selling the sweetest peaches you’ve ever tasted. It’s all waiting for you in your new life in West Reading, PA. Find your new dream home, available homes for sale in West Reading.